Monday, October 29, 2012

Thicker Than Thieves

I took a drive up to the Hibiscus Coast
this afternoon to visit my sister, Christen.
We had a lovely drive around the coast 
listening to our favorite band, Tilly & the Wall.
 They just released a new album so, of course,
we needed to have a drive around together.
Our favorite track is called 'Thicker Than Thieves'
We've probably listened to it 10 times already :)

We took some photos as the tide was coming in,
right before the sun set. It was pretty much
the most amazing time of day for pictures.

oh, and I may have gotten a little carried
away splashing around in the shallow water.
who doesn't love a good puddle to jump in?

yep. loving it way too much.
the aftermath..


Today, we are celebrating our 24th birthday!
I'm just waiting for Christen to get here,
so we can start our day together with coffee.
(of course!)