Thursday, September 27, 2012

As fall is quickly approaching for everybody in the States,
 Spring has sprung here in the South Pacific & everybody seems to
 be getting ready for summer. It feels totally backwards to me,
 so I need to start stocking up on Summer essentials! I 
definitely under packed so that I could bring home new favorites
 from this trip :) Here is a board of dreamy pieces
 I would love to own!

Creeque Alley

(click image for product details)

I'm excited to spend Christmas in New Zealand.
I'm sure we'll spend the day outdoors, 
maybe even barbecuing at the beach :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Land Of The Long White Cloud

Finally an update from New Zealand for everyone back home!
This first week has been a whirlwind of friends, family,
good coffee & food. I couldn't have imagined a better start to
these next 6 months.

Seth is still adjusting to the time change. He's still waking up
a few times during the night & is up by 6:30 every morning.
Thankfully, Matt's family has been more than patient and has been
spending the mornings with him so we can get a little extra sleep ;)
I can't imagine these first 6 months without family and friends close by!

Now for a ton of photos from our trip so far.

We stopped in California for a day to visit friends.
I highly suggest taking an extra day to relax when travelling
so far with a baby! It was a lifesaver to get some rest
after our flight from Chicago.
Jaxin & Steve

Our flight from LA to Auckland was about 12 hours.
We reserved a bassinet for Seth, which was amazing!
He slept in it most of the flight & we had extra leg room
since it was at the front of the cabin.

We arrived early morning & were greeted by Matt's family.
It was the best welcoming :)

photos from top left:
schweppes lemon lime & bitters, fish & chips, meat pies, bundaberg & another pie,
flat whites, coffee supreme, bathtime for Seth, cuddles with zaza, new outfit from cotton on,
first drive in nz, cut my hair off!, 'a life in frocks' - current read, sheep napping in cornwall park,
beautiful renee, about to leave for auckland