Friday, May 31, 2013


The other day, I decided to make a special breakfast for a semi-special
occasion. Well, at least special for us :) A whole new season of one of
our favorite shows, Arrested Development, was released on Netflix.
My husband and I 
sat down in the early morning, with our favorite
show, our delicious breakfast, and enjoyed our kind of made up occasion.

We made a hash brown, poached egg, grilled tomato, arugula, and spinach
breakfast 'tower'. I was inspired by this recipe but used hash browns
of grilled sweet potatoes. It was pretty simple & SO good!

 photo IMG_9338-2_zps40a4cca3.jpg  photo IMG_9346-2_zps23f89176.jpg  photo IMG_9348-4_zps5ae32b55.jpg

I made the hash browns into rounds & stacked a few of them. Here are a couple
good recipes 
for crispy hash browns and the perfect poached egg!
That egg recipe is THE BEST one 
I've used. It works every time ;)