Tuesday, June 4, 2013

We took an evening walk the other night after Seth had his
bath and was in his pajamas. His hair was all curly,
because he's taken after me with his wild hair. We walked 
around the block and left the stroller at home so he could
see the neighborhood from our shoulders. He was laughing so 
hard when we started jumping and running with him.
 photo IMG_9610_zpse8558812.jpg  photo IMG_9646_zpsbcfe5400.jpg  photo IMG_9649_zps726868ca.jpg  photo IMG_9742_zps47fe255a.jpg  photo IMG_9685_zps63d9dd56.jpg  photo IMG_9683_zpse85f895e.jpg  photo IMG_9670_zps2af5a3d5.jpg  photo IMG_9719_zpsff462f0b.jpg  photo IMG_9703_zps17778119.jpg  photo IMG_9624_zpsb3b4915b.jpg  photo IMG_9721_zpse840ad8d.jpg  photo IMG_9744_zps4d9b2ec0.jpg  photo IMG_9718_zps43755b55.jpg  photo IMG_9777_zps34de6337.jpg  photo IMG_9735_zps285d3d09.jpg  photo IMG_9755_zps850f6173.jpg  photo IMG_9773_zpsd5655a6a.jpg

The 'flying baby' shots were definitely ones my husband needed to have haha
Seth LOVES being thrown up in the air, so these images
had a lot of adorable giggles behind them ;)