Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Why, Hello Tampa.

We are finally starting to settle into our new place in Florida! It's in the Ybor City neighborhood and is a shotgun style duplex. That basically means a weird/quirky hallway-like setup (you need to walk through every room to get to another) and no closets! I think most people would cringe at the odd space, but I am in love with it! It's kind of fun to figure out how to make a space work. I much prefer this kind of place to a 'typical' space! I haven't taken any proper photos and I'm nowhere near finished unpacking. Actually, ALL of my clothes are scattered on the floor in hopes that I'll stumble upon my dream dresser soon. Ikea is a 2 minute drive from my house, so I may just bite the bullet and get a dresser from there!

Anyway, here are a couple snapshots of our first week in our new city! I already miss my family and friends in Indiana but am excited about discovering new places. 

Did I mention I got my dream couch?? AND matching loveseat! I'm in heaven :) There is a huge vintage/flea market in St.Petersburg the first weekend in September, so hopefully I'll find the final pieces of furniture we need!