Friday, November 14, 2014

G O O D . O N E

We had a date day today & stopped by our favorite cafe in Ponsonby.
I think every day should start with flat whites and a Little & Friday donut.

Then, we checked out a resale shop called Junk & Disorderly.
It's filled with all sorts of found treasures that I want in my own house. 

I picked up a few slides to put on my lightbox :)
Slides will always remind me of my Grandpa. Whenever we stayed with my grandparents in Kansas, we would sleep in their spare room/photograph storage room. My brother, sister, and I would stay up so late looking at slides on his lightbox. We'd always ask the stories behind the photos the next day. There were tons of my Dad & his siblings as kids on their trip to Yosemite.
I think I'll always feel drawn to people's discarded slides.